Decompose 1.2

Make cool composite images

Decompose lets you quickly extract elements from a picture and make composite images. View full description


  • Efficient and simple
  • Smooth edges
  • Removes background color


  • Can be difficult to see result in transparent area
  • Saves only as TIFF

Very good

Decompose lets you quickly extract elements from a picture and make composite images.

You can do this with most image editing tools, like Photoshop, but it's usually more complicated. Because Decompose specializes in that action it allows you to extract elements more easily and much quicker. Whereas most other programs capture elements with rough edges, Decompose manages to get smooth edges. It also removes background color well.

You can select whether to see only the background or the extracted element. Decompose also features a few basic editing tools: paint bucket, paint brush, lasso, magic wand and a marquee. If you want to work a bit more on the extracted image we suggest editing it in another program though.

Once you're finished selecting your extracted image you can save it. Decompose only lets you keep images in TIFF format though.

Decompose is an excellent tool to extract elements from an image quickly.


  • Support for multi-core processing using Grand Central Dispatch: now much faster on multi-core macs!
  • Starting with this version, Decompose requires 10.6.

Decompose allows you to easily extract elements from a picture and use them to make composite images. It is the perfect tool to make images for web pages, newspapers and magazine or simply for your own creations.

Traditional extraction of object with a lasso tool typically takes time and the result is less than perfect. The extracted object has rough edges that are often tinted with the color of the previous background. Decompose produces smooth edges and completely removes the background color. All you need to do is draw a rough approximation of the edge of the object and tell Decompose what the foreground and the background are. Decompose then refines the edges, corrects the colors and allows you to save the result as a TIFF image ready to be used in your favorite compositing software.



Decompose 1.2